Providing Strategic Talent Acquisition Support

Providing Strategic Talent Acquisition Support

Providing Strategic Talent Acquisition SupportProviding Strategic Talent Acquisition Support

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Talent Beam

We know first hand the pressures facing recruiters and Talent Acquisition leadership teams across the globe, and that's why Talent Beam was formed. We've seen recruiters working 50+ requisitions and managers dealing with escalations, leaving little time to focus on areas that will actually facilitate and accelerate business growth. With 15 years in Talent Acquisition in FTSE 100 companies we have the skills, expertise and knowledge to really make a difference to you and your business. Whether it's a one off Employer Brand project, a more comprehensive assessment of your recruitment function using The Talent Calculator, or one of our many other services we're happy to help you deliver against your strategic goals and ensure excellence across your Talent Acquisition team. 

KEY Services

The Talent Calculator

The Talent Calculator

The Talent Calculator

Talent Calculator, Employer Brand, Social Media, Healthcheck

Talent Beam have identified 37 key features of a successful Talent Acquisition function. We can review all 37 for your business or select your priority areas to assess.  

The Talent Calculator allows for an external review/audit of your Talent Acquisition function against industry best practice.


The Talent Calculator

The Talent Calculator

Architecture of your organisation

Having the right strategy, framework and processes is critical for a team to be successful. Talent Beam can streamline, enhance or design your architecture to give you a competitive advantage. 

The TA tech landscape is complex and ever changing and we can advise around the full suite of products available to empower a TA function.


The Talent Calculator


recruitment project

Talent Beam love to work on key TA initiatives such as;

Employer Brand

Careers Websites

Social Media

Designing and enhancing these key initiatives is what we do. 

What's your main initiative? Let's work on it together.


Talent Style


generate ideas, people round the table

Having recruited and scaled Talent Acquisition teams across the globe we offer 1-1 guidance or full team training. Let's build a bespoke training package for you and up-skill your TA team


Talent Style

Talent Style

Frequently Asked Questions

See what some of our clients have asked.

Talent Style

Talent Style

Talent Style

Clock coming soon

Coming Soon in 2020- The latest Talent Acquisition news and views.


Kids access to education

3% of our profits go to Educating children across the world

We believe everyone should have an access to education. Therefore we made a commitment when starting out that 3% of our profits annually will be donated to increase education levels across the world.

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